Stunt Double Proxy Tag

Stunt Double Proxy Tag


Protect your travelers with a trail-tough sidekick that shouts your message to keep things moving!  Or just revive a long lost Traveler by adding your original Groundspeak tracking number to a fresh new Travel Shield to get your mission back on trail. 

If you buy a nice coin from and you'd like it to travel but you dare not send it out into the wild, why not send one of the Stunt Double Proxy Tags instead, with perhaps a laminated copy of the coin attached.

High-impact, dayglow acrylic Travel Shields measure 2" x 1.125" x 3/16" thick and are 100% made in the USA.  Lighter than metal tags and tougher than you would believe.  You can protect your trackables or revive a lost Traveler in style.

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Reviews for Stunt Double Proxy Tag
5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
ParisLaura from Adelaide on Oct 17, 2013
Perfect and cheap little items to get some of my lost trackables back into ciruclation, will definately buy again when needed.
zargfinders from Sydney on May 04, 2013
we bought four of these (one of each colour) and they're great! We've had many many trackables go missing and will soon send these out to replace some of them. We have also seen one of these hardy things out in the wild - very great. The only random thing is that it was also attached to the original trackable!
The Geo-Baristas from Sale on Mar 30, 2013
These are such a great idea! We've had lots of gorgeous (and expensive) geocoins laying around for ages because we didn't want to send them out only to have them stolen :( Now we can just laminate a photo of our coin and send it out!

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