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Travelbug - "Stamp to Go"

Sold Out!

You can make many many things trackable with this Travelbug logo stamp!

This self inking stamp allows you to leave an image of the TB logo, and a unique tracking code on lots of different surfaces - your xmas cards, holiday postcards, business cards, "Was found by" cards, even skin !  limited by your imagination. The code provided is fully trackable on with its own page. 

As it's a self-inking stamp, it closes up for safety. It's nice and light to be carried in your caching bag if you wish. So maybe you could permanently leave a TB in every cache logbook you visit. The mind boggles.

Maybe this is your personal trackable number - and you can make yourself trackable at every event without the pain of a permanent tattoo ! 

Comes with a copy tag. The stamp image itself measures approx 45mm to 20mm and the body of the stamp measures 70mm by 30mm.

Reviews for Travelbug - "Stamp to Go"
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Teri from USA on Apr 19, 2013
I looked all over the web for a TB Stamp and finally found yours. WoW!!! I am impressed and have used it a lot already!!! The only thing is that international mail slows the process of receiving the the products ordered from Australia. I received the request for review way before I ever got the items in the mail. Oh well, it was great getting the stamp and I've used it a lot already, Thanks, TeamDay&Night/mrsdbp