Geocaching, Munzee and Ingress with the Apple iPhone 6

My iPhone 6 128Gb arrived on Saturday. A significant technological step up from the iPhone 4s. Now, I'd been hearing about possible incompatibility issues between the pre-installed iOS 8 and the app in particular, so I was keen to see if it worked on the iPhone 6. I was also keen to see how it performed (for Geocaching) compared to a Garmin Montana.


Once the phone was set up properly, I recovered the data from a backup made from my iPhone4s.  I made sure that iOS and the relevant apps were all up to date.


Now the fun part - trying the apps:



Using the official iOS app. The app had remembered my login details from the 4s. The app used the full screen realestate on the 6, and seemed to function well. So time to find a couple of caches. The first notable difference was the actual speed of the app. The area I was in was jumping between 3G and 4G mobile coverage, so the performance improvement was all to do with the technology of the phone itself.

The first cache found had already been found by my caching buddy. It was a classic "sit on the bench" type. Now of course, we are at the mercy of accuracy of the cache co-ords. But in this case, the iPhone 6 actually got to ZERO metres. Something I hadn't seen on the 4s. And the lock was quite solid, ranging from 1 to 3 metres, with an accuracy of +/-5m. My take is that the GPS appears to be quite significantly better than the 4s,

The second cache was unfound by both of us. My caching buddy was using a Montana 650t as a comparison. There was plenty of tree cover. The Montana sent us off towards a bridge, while the iPhone 6 wasn't quite so sure. But over time the iPhone 6 settled down, and kept pointing over towards a tree, as the Montana did too. Cache was found under the tree, yay! The Montana and iPhone 6 seemed to be on par here.

Conclusion: Seems to work well with official app. GPS seems to be very accurate, and an big improvement on 4s.





Worked well, app filled the screen realestate. Scanner works well for deploy and find. I haven't found any issues.

Conclusion: Works



The Ingress app wasn't quite so straight forward. Upon firing up the app, it didn't fill the full screen realestate, and was unusable as on-screen control buttons were offset. Not good. But, upon setup,  I had set the iPhone 6 screen to "zoom" mode where the icons and text are a little larger. So I switched back to non-zoom regular mode, and the Ingress app filled the screen.

As I was Ingressing in an area with 4G coverage, and the iPhone 6 clearly has a very fast processor, the performance of the Ingress app was notably excellent, and certainly a lot better than the 4s.

Conclusion: Works - but not in "zoomed in" mode.

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