Reward of $1000 for the recovery of each of the original Australian "Project Ape" Cache containers

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In Early 2001 - Groundspeak ( in conjunction with 20th Century Fox placed 12 special geocaches around the world to promote the release of the movie "Planet of the Apes".  These caches were known as Project A.P.E. or "Alternative Primate Evolution". These caches are an important piece of Geocaching history. Only one of these caches still exists - in Brazil.

If you have more information - please fill in our online form.

Of the 12 Project A.P.E caches deployed around all around the world, There were two caches placed in Australia - 

Both of the cache containers and their contents went missing in 2001, and most likely have been found by accident and taken home by a local, kids, park workers etc. They may be being used as storage in a garage somewhere, holding junk in the shed or be hiding in a storage unit.

These two caches are an important piece of history and of significant interest to the sport of Geocaching, so is offering pay $1000 (Australian Dollars) for each of the two original Australian Project Ape geocache containers "No questions asked"

The cache containers themselves are large ex-military metal ammunition cans, they are dark green and clearly marked in paint as being "Project Ape" caches, and the Project A.P.E. logo (similar to the logo above).

If you possess one of these containers - or know of their whereabouts please email

Terms and conditions:

  • To be eligible for the $1000 payment, the cache container must be in original condition with original markings clearly visible. For instance - not over painted and complete. 
  • Geostuff will verify the authenticity of any container presented with Groundspeak Inc, and may reject any container presented for any reason. 
  • Geostuff will pay the  $1000, by bank deposit only for each container within 30 days of possession of the container and the completed validation process.
  • The reward offer will end at midnight on 31st December 2015 or before if both cache containers are recovered. 
  • is only interested in the original Project A.P.E ammo can cache containers. Any attempt to pass off a reproduction/fake as an original will be treated as fraud, and will be reported to the police. 
    If you have more information - please fill in our online form.

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    Well, I didn’t see this notification at the earlier time the announcement was made. Just saw it now. But we want to applaud your commitment to this great game/sport/hobby by offering the reward for the hoped for return of the Project Ape geocaches. That’s a real credit to you. It certainly would be fabulous if they could resurface. Well done Carl. Cheers, Kay and Bob Martin

    Posted by Kay Martin on June 19, 2015

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