Closure of walk-up retail store.

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Hi everyone, About 4 years ago we opened the Geostuff walk-up retail store on Saturdays as Australia's (in fact the Southern Hemisphere's only) dedicated Geocaching retail store. And for a long time we were inundated with customers every Saturday. But since then we've found that the numbers have been dropping off, to a point over the last three weeks where we had 0 customers each Saturday. Sadly, 0 customers = $0 and that's no longer viable. So as of **1300 today the retail store will no longer open on Saturdays, or at all**. We'll still be at this location for now. And the ***online store will of course operate as normal***, and the contents of the museum are absolutely safe. If you wish to view the museum please contact me to make an appointment. Thanks for your support. Thanks Carl, Deb and Woodyxxxx

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