Moon Landing Geocoin Apollo11


Moon Landing Geocoin Apollo11
  • Moon Landing Geocoin Apollo11
  • Moon Landing Geocoin Apollo11


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It was one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind! 

Way back even before geocaching existed, an incredible group of people did what was thought to be impossible and put a man on the moon. It is crazy to think they were able to make that long journey and they didn't even have wifi for the trip! 

To celebrate 50 years since the Apollo 11 crew made history, Oak Coins has come out with a geocoin that is almost as cool as a moon landing! It even has a flag that can be taken off the coin to be planted down like it was being done by Neil Armstrong himself! 

This is a coin that is sure to be a favourite of anyone who loves geocoins, science and the moon!

The Moon Landing coin is a product of Oak Coins. The silver finish is unique to Shop Geocaching. 

This geocoin is trackable at with a unique icon. 

The U.S. flag is attached with a magnet and can also be taken out to stand on the moon coin surface.

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