50 hides - Geo-Achievement Award Coin and Pin set


50 hides - Geo-Achievement Award Coin and Pin set


Great gift idea for a geo-mate who has made it to the 50 geocache hides milestone. Or keep if for yourself. Finished in hard enamel and polished black Nickel - the coin itself measures about 4.5cm across.  Comes with a matchng pin for your to wear with pride, or leave as swag in cache somewhere! Comes with a blank area on the reverse so that you can have it engraved with the cacher's geo-name. Great for birthday or xmas. Fully trackable on Geocaching.com with it's own page of course - but I bet you don't send yours out into the wild. I wouldn't :-)

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LuckyL10n from ACT on Oct 23, 2013
These achievement awards and well made and nicely presented. I have bout some before, so had no hestation in picking up some more as a couplf of my fellow cachers close in on milestones worthy of celebration!

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