Cache notes - laminated card - for medium container

Cache notes - laminated card - for medium container


We all know that it's good to place cache notes with your hides. But if they are paper they get tatty really quickly.

These ones are laser printed and laminated for a long life. They are double sided and contain all the "standard" cache notes. 

Measuring  approx 9cm by 6.5cm they ideal for those 200ml food container type hides.



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4.2 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
Kim from Australia on Nov 23, 2015
These cards are good however the reason for the rating is... you need to find another way to put your barcodes on them. Every one I purchased had the barcode slap bang in the middle of the card, it was impossible to peel off and had to use 'sticky off' to remove, then they had to be wiped over, this resulted in wetness seeping under the lamination at the sides. Was not a successful purchase I'm afraid.
Genevieve from Victoria, Australia on Jul 06, 2015
These are great. Very convenient to identify your cache as one and saves having to make your own.
Clint from Sorrento, Victoria on Jul 08, 2014
Great idea! But I've placed it in my ammo can which I bought from Aussie Disposals and it's the small ammo can which can carry 200 bullets and it kind of looked really small for this size container and thought it would suit my container but should of bought the larger size. Still a great buy!
Amber Green from Geraldton wa on May 09, 2014
used my first on the weekend saves time doing your own and looks nice and offical
Gecko1968 from Canberra on Sep 10, 2013
These are fantastic and a great price. You know I always said I would get around to doing my own but never did. Why would you when you can get them here professionally done for a great price. Highly recommended.

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