Australian Wooden Geocoin - FTF prize

Australian Wooden Geocoin - FTF prize


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While common in Europe, Wood Geocoins are uncommon in Australia and New Zealand.

But they make excellent and very inexpensive First to Find "FTF" prizes in your new cache.

Each is made from Wood (!) and is engraved with the Groundspeak logo on one side with "Australian Wood Geocoin" and "First to Find" in large letters on the other.

Size: 35mm in diameter x 4 mm thick

Country of Manufacture: Czech Republic


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4.8 out of 5, based on 22 reviews
Runawayz from Queensland on Oct 15, 2018
Really happy with this. Price was a major part of the purchase decision, but I also like the ability to write cache name on the edge of the Geocoin.
Mal Jamesion from Brisbane on Mar 24, 2018
Quick service on the order. Due to the crazy weather we have been having I have been unable to put any out. I have got a few caches ready to go. I like the post about putting the cache nameid on the coin. Thanks.
Nicole from Brisbane on Oct 06, 2015
A really nice, affordable FTF prize. I ordered a few of these and have placed one out in the field already, opting to carefully write the cache name on the side of the coin for the FTF cacher. Very happy with this purchase.
Kim from Australia on Sep 03, 2015
A nice inexpensive wooden FTF gift, Its nice when FTF can get a little something isn't it.
Genevieve from Victoria, Australia on Jul 06, 2015
Great little addition to your caches without having to spent heaps.
Mike Johnson from Piopio NZ on May 29, 2015
Inexpensive . Look good and a great way to reward those who find my caches (FTF) Something tangible.
Cache_Crusader from Launceston on Feb 23, 2015
Looked far and wide for an inexpensive FTF prize. These fit the bill perfectly. Wish more people could use something like this. I have a few FTFs and not one prize. Thanks.
AJ from Queensland on Nov 15, 2014
We recently bought some of these. We are very happy with the product and the price is even better. Pity it doesn't come with the stand as displayed in the picture.
Ryan00 from Launceston on Nov 11, 2014
Great FTF prize. Got 4 of these to put out in my next 4 small-regular hides.
Luke Cossins from Brisbane, Australia on Oct 14, 2014
Nice inexpensive but detailed FTF prize that is suitable for all but the smallest of containers.
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