Little Box monthly Subscription - New Zealand

Little Box monthly Subscription - New Zealand


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How good would it be to receive Geocaching goodies every month right to your door ?

What's in "The Little Box" ? 

Subscribe to "The Little Box" and each month, you'll automatically receive some combination of:

  • Trackables - Trackable tags, Geocoins etc
  • Logbooks,
  • Stickers,
  • Cache labels,
  • Geocache Containers,
  • Geocacing Tools and useful gear,
  • Geocaching related stuff,
  • Other stuff we find lying around the office (no, no, seriously that's what it will be !)
  • Discounts and special offers on other products from Geostuff and other suppliers

We guarantee that the contents of each month's "The Little Box" will have a retail value in excess of the $15 subscription price. Shipping by Air Mail charges are just $11.50 to New Zealand.

So how does the subscription work ?

Just after the 1st of every month will automactically charge your credit card for $15 + $11.50 shipping, and ship your "The Little Box" straight to your door, or a friend's door, if you choose !

For Subscription Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)....  Click here.

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5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Donna from New Zealand on Apr 15, 2015
Hi yes loved the little box my son gets the big one so cool we are going to be looking forward to ours each moth thank you so much

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