Zodiac Final Geocoin and Companion Tag Set


Zodiac Final Geocoin and Companion Tag Set
  • Zodiac Final Geocoin and Companion Tag Set
  • Zodiac Final Geocoin and Companion Tag Set


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What is your sign? Do you celebrate them all?

This final truly needs to be seen to be fully appreciated! It celebrates all of the signs of the zodiac and includes a jewel for each one. A trackable tag with it's own unique tracking code is included!
The Zodiac final Geocoin is trackable at Geocaching.com with a unique icon.

Keep this amazing coin in your collection to be discovered, and send the included travel tag out to explore the geocaching world. It has it's own unique tracking code, so you can keep track of both!

Here are some design notes from Chris Mackey:
The Great Wheel. This single zodiacal wheel is a compilation of 3 of the most notable wheels in modern history... The Ptolemaic Wheel, the Cosmic Clock of Halevi and the Zodiacal Charts of Hermes Trismegistus, the duality god of Greco-Roman/ Egyptian melding. The constellations, their signs, house divisions and triplicity charting are encompassed between the two faces and the outer edge showcases the original zodiacal stones according the breastplate of Aaron from the Book of Exodus. At the center is the heavenly form of the Hemphta, the panamorphic diety of combined cultures that symbolizes the center-point of universal knowledge.

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