[Bargain] UV Mini Keyring "Blacklight"


[Bargain] UV Mini Keyring "Blacklight"


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Ideal for those tricky caches that require specialised UV light equipment to find hidden text etc.

This handily-sized torch has a split-ring attached, so you can hang it on your key-ring or your caching bag.

If someone has left a secret message for you using our UV marker pen, use this torch to reveal it!

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4.6 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
Megan from Victoria, Australia on Jul 25, 2015
A nice handy size. Has come in handy already. Also pretty useful around the house to find where the evil cat has left his mark!
Cheryl from Western Australia on Jul 06, 2015
great addition to my tool kit
Richard from Hobart on Feb 02, 2015
Great little addition to my Tools Of The Trade Set
Karen from Melbourne on Jul 27, 2014
Another must have for the beginner geopack.
belinda from kingswood on Apr 19, 2014
a great addition to my kit for those uv caches on my list

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