Finger Tally Counter

Finger Tally Counter
  • Finger Tally Counter
  • Finger Tally Counter


This handy tally counter attaches to your finger and is useful in so many caching situations. Need to count the number of steps from Point A to Point B? Good for solving those tricky Puzzle Caches!

  • adjustable strap attaches to any size finger/thumb, or to your bag
  • LED screen display
  • light and easy to carry
  • Note: comes in black only

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4 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
ookamiash from Adelaide on Jan 14, 2019
I actually bought this for crochet rather than geocaching purposes. It's great. I've found it a little awkward to put on at first but it gets easier each time.
It feels like a chunky ring on your finger. It's so simple and straight forward to use.

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