Sydney the Koala Travel Tag

Sydney the Koala Travel Tag


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These cute Koala shaped travel bugs are similar to the other more traditional ones - but they really show where your trackable item came from !  Fully trackable on with it's own page.

Made of durable aluminium. Comes with a ball chain. Measures 5cm by 5cm.

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5 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
Karlene from Teralba NSW on Dec 13, 2015
I bought this for our Granddaughter for Christmas as she loves doing this - they call it treasure hunting and I know she'll love the cute koala, especially knowing it could go overseas!
Bernie from Donald on Nov 07, 2015
Like the look of this guy very Aussie. Hope to send him on a long journey soon.
Mazza-g from Aspendale Gardens on Aug 01, 2015
Thanks for the prompt delivery. Look forward to activating this as soon as its goal has been set..
Bruce from Sydney on Jan 15, 2014
I bought a few Sydneys for when we go to London and Paris in a couple of months time. I like that they are light and relatively small but sturdy enough and will travel nicely in our luggage. I like too that Sydney is distincitively Australian.
zargfinders from Sydney on May 04, 2013
We bought this TB for when we go to America and Canada in June and July this year - it will be a little traveler with a mission of coming back to Australia. Seems pretty sturdy and nice and love how it's called Sydney, so all good with it.
Sat down from Sydney on Mar 02, 2013
A sturdy cute TB with a what to do if found by new cachers message on the back.

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