Birthday Competition - "Very first order"


Our very first order was from Australia, tell us exactly where to Win a Spot Messenger 2

On 19th April 2010 received its first ever order ! Even though it was for just a couple of black nanos, it was all very exciting. :-)

To win a Spot Messenger 2, be the first to tell us, in a comment on one of the "Very First Order Competition" posts on our Facebook page exactly what city, town, suburb, village, settlement or other location in Australia that our first order was from. An example could be "Port Melbourne".

We will be giving out other clues on our Facebook page, but remember, the first to get it right wins the Spot Messenger 2.

Enter as many times as you want, but each entry must be a separate comment on one of the competition posts on our Facebook page. No email entries will be accepted.

The competition will conclude, and the Spot Messenger 2 prize will be rewarded either when:

1. An entrant guesses the exact location in Australia. 

2. Saturday 27th April 2013 Noon Melbourne time is reached. And no entry has been received for the exact location, then the closest entry to the location will be judged as correct. One of the Directors of Geostuff will judge the competition, an their decision is final.

This is a game of skill, it is not a game of chance.

Here is your first clue !:

 "Which do you choose - A hard or soft option"