RUMs slow delivery to the US, Canada and elsewhere

RUM slow delivery FAQs:

1. Where are my RUMs ?

We can't tell. They were posted the next business day after you received your automatically generated email saying they were shipped.

If you are still waiting please email us here: (we can't know there is a problem if you don't tell us!).

We will fix it as always - see item 4 below - "What's next ?"

2. Is there tracking of the package ?

No - they were sent by Australia Post Airmail letter which wasn't trackable at the time.  (at least that's what we paid for).

3. Why haven't they arrived yet ?

Items from that batch have arrived at destinations in Australia. No problem, so that batch hasn't gone missing. So it is only the overseas items that have taken over a month up to now..

A possible explanation is that Australia Post didn't send them Airmail, but in fact sent them surface mail. Surface mail takes forever. We asked them to put airmail stickers on the items at the Post Office, and it is possible that they didn't. That's annoying as we paid for airmail - I have the receipt right here.

None of those shipped overseas have bounced back to us yet.

4. What next ?

A double batch of Geostuff RUMs arrived with us on 22nd April Australian time.  From that problem batch we want to resend the ones that are missing, at our cost of course.

We need to put together a list of who is still missing their delivery - please email us immediately at:

No Facebook posts, SMS messages, or emails elsewhere please.

5. What happens if I get two sets ?

You almost certainly will - in fact I will guarantee that you will. Please send the 2nd set back to:

Geostuff, PO BOX 319, Northcote, VIC, 3070, Australia

or if you'd like to keep them, we will send you an invoice for payment (minus shipping charges of course !).

5. "I've been ripped off", "You are a f.... blah blah" etc etc etc

No you haven't. And no we aren't.

6. Will this same problem happen again to future RUM orders

Shit no.