Big Box monthly Subscription - Australia

Big Box monthly Subscription - Australia


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How good would it be to receive Geocaching goodies every month right to your door ?

What's in "The Big Box" ? 

Subscribe to "The Big Box" and each month, you'll automatically receive some combination of:

  • Trackables - Trackable tags, Geocoins etc
  • Logbooks,
  • Stickers,
  • Cache labels,
  • Geocache Containers,
  • Geocacing Tools and useful gear,
  • Geocaching related stuff,
  • Other stuff we find lying around the office (no, no, seriously that's what it will be !)
  • Discounts and special offers on other products from Geostuff and other suppliers

We guarantee that the contents of each month's "The Big Box" will have a retail value well in excess of the $29 subscription price. Shipping charges are just $1 anywhere in Australia !

So how does the subscription work ?

Just after the 1st of every month will automactically charge your credit card for $29 + $1 shipping, and ship your "The Big Box" straight to your door, or a friend's door, if you choose !

For Subscription Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)....  Click here.

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4 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Lance from Central Coast on Oct 11, 2016
After ordering late August, contacted Carl and confirmed my package had been missed.When it arrived was disappointed to get a decent sized package with 2 items inside. Content was above $30 though expected more volume, particularly in lower priced items. I'm guessing these boxes can be a bit hit n miss, sadly mine was a miss.
Good customer service though, cheers.
Response from
Mar 20, 2017
Thanks for the review.
We try and make the subscription boxes as interesting and as fun as possible. Sometimes they contain just one item, sometimes two, sometimes a dozen or more. It depends. And we are always on the look out for new and interesting items each month. But always above the retail value paid for them. So, if a customer is looking for volume, you won't always get that from the subscription boxes. And if you are after specific items, then it's probably best just ordering them directly from the site rather than subscribing to one of the subscription boxes.
Brian Bleckly from Nairne on Sep 18, 2016
It is coming up to a year since I wrote the last review - and yet I am only one of two!?! I am in my second year of getting these boxes and have never been disappointed. Just opened my last one today and the items and great value are fantastic. What is wrong people. Get on board...NOW
Response from
Oct 18, 2016
Thanks Brian - no pressure now :-)
Brian Bleckly from Nairne SA on Oct 14, 2015
Just got my 5th Big Box and it was the best ever. It seems Geostuff and I are on the same wavelength. No sooner that I see something I am umming and ahhing about buying and it turns us in the mystery box. Always has something interesting or unusual.
John from Nanango on Apr 16, 2015
Real value for money and more content than I expected. Will keep my Monthly subscription up to date as this is value for money in regards to the amount of content..

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