Black Bertha Geocache Container

Black Bertha Geocache Container
  • Black Bertha Geocache Container
  • Black Bertha Geocache Container


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The Black Bertha geocache container is approx. 1.9cm tall and 4cm in diameter. Tall enough for the log and maybe a couple of small coins or trade items. Watertight, magnetic (super strong hold), complete with logs in a little zip bag. Comes in black only (not painted), with a camo design label in varying color/styles, medical-grade plastic with snap top. Includes log in little zip bag, it’s ready to hide!

Our favorite way to use these containers is to put a 10-cent nail in a hollow or deep fork of a tree and then rest the cache on the nail head. It practically disappears! Of course you can also remove the camo label if you want & put them under a public phone stand, park bench, etc.

To test these, we submerged them in water for 24 hours and they remained dry. Of course, they are not meant to be used underwater, but as long as the lid is snapped down securely they should keep your logs safe & dry.

Also check out the Black Betty (slightly smaller, no label) and the new Black Bobby (slightly bigger, nice label)!

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5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Lisa from Melbourne on Apr 12, 2015
These are such a great combination! Magnetic, waterproof and a log included. Looking forward to creating cache hides with these.
bev brown from wellard wa on Apr 09, 2015
We have hidden this container in bali on some rocks out in the water and we find the container to be waterproof and the log book dry.

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