Camo Bison Tube Geocache Container

Camo Bison Tube Geocache Container


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The classic fat bison tube. This one is green camo in colour and is made from sturdy and light aluminum. Comes with loop thingo. To hang it up on things, dangling on things, in things, down things, around things etc. Measures approx 5cm by 1.5cm. BYO log.

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4.3 out of 5, based on 7 reviews
renee from Melbourne on Feb 06, 2017
didn't last 3 days, till l got a message to say the lid would not stay on the tube, it seems the thread is not working...
Response from
Mar 14, 2017
We can't find any reference to a purchase made by you from Geostuff. Are you absolutely sure you made a purchase from us ?
Chris McEwen from Launceston on Feb 10, 2015
Perfect cache for 3cm wide log, easy to hang or slip into a tight spot
Richard from Hobart on Apr 23, 2014
Great bisons for a great price
Wayne from Ballarat, Vic on Apr 21, 2014
Great item for the price. If the thread was a little less loose and the paint was matte instead of gloss I would have given 5 stars.
Ange from Melbourne on Feb 05, 2014
Good little tube with nice camo design. Nice price too!
Rainbow Spirit from Sydney on Aug 20, 2013
I've used theses containers before, great for hanging in shrubs and trees, fairly waterproof. It would be good if they weren't so shiny.
Colin from Marrickvilel on Dec 16, 2012
These are a good size. Can fit a small pencil. I've got a few hidden up in the trees :-)

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