Munzee - Mega Urban Camo Pack - 48 Munzees!


Munzee - Mega Urban Camo Pack - 48 Munzees!


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This MEGA pack features all of our brand new Urban Camo designs, plus some larger size Urban Camos to round out your Munzee playing. The new designs have some concepts not seen before, with some cool (and sneaky!) fake inspection notices, and more!

This massive pack contains 48 Munzees:

  • Inspection Notice (black text) x 5
  • Property of Munzee Management (white text on black) x 3
  • No Smoking Logo x 3
  • No Dogs Logo x 3
  • CCTV Camera Logo x 3
  • Warranty (purple text) x 4
  • Warranty (red text) x 4
  • Danger! (large logo) x 6
  • CCTV Camera (large logo) x 6
  • CCTV Surveillance (large) x 11


large Munzees: 5.5cm x 3cm
Mini Munzees: standard: 3.1 cm x 1.6 cm ; square: 2.3 cm

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