MiniZee Munzee Sticker - .65 inch square - White - Pack of 20


MiniZee Munzee Sticker - .65 inch  square - White - Pack of 20


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Welcome to the family MiniZee! The MiniZee is younger brother to our 1" sticker. Made from the same outstanding vinyl material the MiniZee is less than 0.65" and blends into the environment better than any Munzee yet. Each MiniZee is a generic code.

These MiniZees are printed on a white background.

These are MINI stickers and therefore may need additional tools for some phones. Players have used TOTT's (Tools of the Trade) in order to make this effective for all phones. Useful TOTT's include pocket magnifier, digital camera, and magnifying bookmark.

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5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Danny from Canberra on May 29, 2015
All in all a good product. I bought these thinking I had selected the 1" ones, a classic chair to keyboard interface error. I thought they would be difficult to use due to smaller size, but they are not, I have had no scanning issues so far (deployed a couple of dozen). They are excellent for skinnier locations such as hand-railings, which I have had issues putting 1" ones on, also good for curved poles when a 1" wraps around too much, causing scanning issues. The adhesion is also really good. The only (-ve) is that they are a wee bit difficult to peel off the backing, that could be me though rather than the product.

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