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DupleBug™; single tag
You write your geocaching.com tracking number on this tag!


Is your trackable geocoin, Travel Bug®, or other traveling item lost or stolen? Do you want to keep your geocoin in your collection, but still let the tracking number travel the world? Then put that tracking number to good use and keep it traveling by using the DupleBug. No need to by a new coin or tag, just reuse your old tracking number.

When the tag arrives to you, simply write your tracking number on the backside with permanent marker. You can then put this tag into the geocaching wild and continue to see your tracking number travel. It is like recycling those unused numbers, and you can save money by not having to purchase new geocoins or TBs.

Better yet, this tag is affordable. By purchasing the DupleBug, you can recycle your old tracking number for less than the cost of most other travelers.

Another wonderful feature is that this tag is small enough to fit into 35mm canisters. This means it can travel though more geocaches than many other trackables making it more useful and fun for everyone.

  • 2 inches (50mm) long
  • Flexible plastic to endure rough handling
  • Includes wire loop to attach to your favorite traveler
  • Trackable on Geocaching.com based on the tracking number you write on it.
  • Will show the icon associated with the tracking number you write on the tag.


  • Your number is printed on the tag the way you want it.
  • Less expensive than getting a new geocoin.
  • Continues the use of your old tracking numbers.
  • Small enough to fit in 35mm canisters, but also noticeable in big containers.
  • Bright color so it can be seen in caches.
  • Wire included to attach to your favorite traveler

This is not a trackable tag by itself. You must supply the tracking number you want written on it to make it trackable.

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5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Bernie from Donald on Nov 07, 2015
Thought these would be great to put in a cache instead of my more expensive geocoins.
Suzan from Wavell Heights 4012 on Sep 17, 2015
This is great. I have a Trackable that I didn't want to put out there and have go missing and now I can do it but still have it. Love it. Wish I saw this ages ago and I wouldn't have a couple go missing that I loved.
Jamie from Somerset, England on Sep 11, 2015
I purchased 7 of these great Duple bugs as we have been given or have bought several special travel bugs that we don't want to lose ( several have gone missing in the area that we cache in)
The wire that comes with the bugs is great for attaching charms or pieces that we have had made with our logo on.
The bugs themselves are very durable and look as if they will withstand any weather or environment that they may find themselves in around the world or beyond (International space station would be amazing!)
I would recommend these as a top purchases for all geocachers.

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