Geocache Sticker - Tiny Black

Geocache Sticker - Tiny Black


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Unofficial Geocache sticker - tiny size - about 7cm by 3cm - so an ideal size for those mint containers, or containers of a similar small size. Identifies your precious stash as an "official" cache, so a lot less "muggle freak out" happens. And the longer your cache will live. Probably.

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4.7 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
Brian Bleckly from NAIRNE S.A. on Dec 22, 2015
Black is definitely the colour for hiding in dark places and these black stickers are just great to i/d your caches as caches. My first 10 went on caches within a week.
Anita from Melbourne on Nov 19, 2015
These stickers made a great addition to my caches. Also helped me comply with the geocache hiding requirements. Thanks!!
Anita from Melbourne on Nov 15, 2015
Great little stickers. They adhered well to different surfaces and I like the matte finish. Thank you!
Des Fuller from SA on Apr 17, 2014
A bit hard to read in all dark colours , but good quality.
Eliot from Melbourne on Nov 11, 2013
Nice and matte, perfectly sized for key holders.
Kerry from QLD on May 02, 2013
I like the Matt Black texture of the sticker, makes it blend in more, no shiney "flash" when a light passes by

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