Geocaching License Geocoin - Gold

Geocaching License Geocoin - Gold


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This is your license to Geocache! Made of solid metal and plated in 24k gold, the Geocaching License is the size of a credit card and will fit easily in your wallet or pocketbook. Plus, it's trackable! You can even have it engraved with your real or Geo-name. It is very durable and will not bend under normal pressure.

The backside has several different decoders to help you with deciphering some geocaches. It’s amazing how even a simple cipher can turn a Traditional Geocache into something more exciting. Not only will you have a trackable that fits perfectly in your wallet; you will also have a decoder at your fingertips:
- Familiar to every geocacher is the ROT13 substitution cipher located on the very top.
- The next decoding section gives you the alphabet in Braille
- Down from that is another widely used cipher known as the pigpen cipher. This may also be called the Tic-tac-toe or masonic cipher.
- Next, you are given some codes for numerals. 0-9 in sign language, Braille and binary code.

Your Geocaching License is not only your official certification of caching, but a tool to help you blaze through Mystery caches without the internet !

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5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Jo from Adelaide on Oct 21, 2015
Easy to read, compact & will be a great addition to my toolkit.
Cheryl Spencer from Australia on Jan 27, 2014
Handy little card to carry

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