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Geocaching Explorers Tool
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  • Geocaching Explorers Tool


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Don't just have Geocaching adventures, have Explorer's Geocaching Adventures!

This handy little tool from our friends at UST Brands ups your exploring game in a light and compact way! You can see better up close and far, find your direction, start a fire or signal for help! It is compact enough to fit in your TOTT kit, but folds out into binoculars!

This is a great addition to your TOTTs collection, or makes a premium SWAG item or FTF prize!


Fold out binoculars
Magnifying glass for small log sheets or even starting a fire
Mirror for tricky hides or for use as an emergency signaling device
Compass to find your way
Lanyard included
Light weight, compact, and easy to carry
Two-Year Limited Warranty

Dimensions: 50mm x 100mm when closed.

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