Geocaching Melbourne Geocoins - all limited editions


Geocaching Melbourne Geocoins - all limited editions
  • Geocaching Melbourne Geocoins - all limited editions
  • Geocaching Melbourne Geocoins - all limited editions
  • Geocaching Melbourne Geocoins - all limited editions
  • Geocaching Melbourne Geocoins - all limited editions


Exclusive to, these are the Geocaching Melbourne Geocoins 2014. They are all limited editions of 100 or 50 - these colours can't be remade again. When they are gone, they are gone !

    • Original - Limited Edition of 100 - Glow in the dark
        • Lemon - Limited Edition of 50 - Glow in the dark
            • Bubblegum - Limited Edition of 50 - Glow in the dark
                • Rainbow - Limited Edition of 50 - Sparkly finish

                  All profits (i.e after manufacturing and GST)  from the Rainbow Geocoin go to Try Australia, to help Australian young people:

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                  4.6 out of 5, based on 9 reviews
                  Angus from Melbourne, Victoria on Apr 22, 2019
                  Great coin design with fantastic detail, however five years of sitting in stock has taken its toll and a lot of the lettering on the back has rubbed off. Otherwise perfect on the front and pretty good on the back!
                  John from VIC on Dec 19, 2015
                  I must say I was was a little disappointed with my coin, it arrived and there were bubbles in the glow in the dark part and the glow in the dark didn't 'glow in the dark' unfortunately the back in the blue sky area there are tiny little rubbishy like objects that have obviously Fallen into the coin in the making. At the end of the day it is a very nice coin apart for these things, always happy to support a good cause though, thanks Phillip
                  mcwomble from Chelmsford, UK on Sep 03, 2015
                  I bought the whole set as a keepsake of my two fantastic years in Melbourne and the company of the local geocachers.
                  One minor little niggle the lemon one barely glows in the dark but that could be a manufacturing fault, It doesnt detract from the great design at all.
                  Many thanks
                  Bear from New Zealand on May 22, 2015
                  Being a native from near Melbourne, I bought one of the set. Then I decided I had to have the other 3. Awesome design and they came in perfect order. They are wonderfully created and the quality is excellent. They are a great reminder of the caching that I have done in the Melbourne area.
                  Bodo from Germany, Lower Saxonie on Nov 04, 2014
                  I bought the Rainbow and Original Coins.
                  A wounderful design with fantastic shiny and glittering colours. I am happy to have these Coins in my collection now. They always remind my on my short geocaching experience in the Melbourne area. Thanks!
                  Ben from Wodonga on Sep 26, 2014
                  I bought the rainbow and glow in the dark coins but would've loved to get them all. They are top quality and look great! I am proud to be part of the Geocaching Melbourne community and these coins are a great tribute to that.

                  Thanks Phillip
                  John from Box Hill South on Sep 26, 2014
                  I bought the original colour scheme - the others were a bit too garish for my taste. A great geocoin for those of us who spend a little too much time on the Facebook group instead of caching... Made by Oakcoins - a quality product.
                  Ben from Victoria on Sep 19, 2014
                  5 stars for the design its great.
                  The one I got had bubbles in the enamel of the glow section and only half the glow worked. It mustn't have been mixed properly. Oakcoins used to have very good quality coins so not sure if they changed suppliers or something.
                  Louise from Thornbury on Sep 12, 2014
                  So solid, so shiny, you can't go wrong really :)

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