Exclusive - Geostuff Reseller Unique Munzees - 10 pack


Exclusive - Geostuff Reseller Unique Munzees - 10 pack
  • Exclusive - Geostuff Reseller Unique Munzees - 10 pack
  • Exclusive - Geostuff Reseller Unique Munzees - 10 pack


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We are now able to sell the Reseller Unique Munzees in a smaller pack of 10!

The Reseller Unique Munzees (RUMs) are a new kind of physical Munzee sticker. There are 7 different versions to collect, and each is only available from each of the corresponding Official Munzee Resellers around the world. 

This is the Geostuff one ! It features the Geostuff logo and the Australian flag.

If you are purchasing RUMs only, you will be able to select a shipping rate of just AU$1.00!


  • Each "RUM" sticker is coded as a generic for any player.
  • Capture - 15 points
  • Deploy - 25 points
  • Cap On - 10 points
  • On the map, all types of "RUM"s will all have the same generic icon. However, when you capture a "RUM" you will not only receive that icon, but a specific icon for the reseller who sold the Munzee.
  • A single icon will be earned for any Reseller Unique Munzees captured no matter which reseller the Reseller Unique Munzee is from. Plus another icon for that specific reseller. For example, if you capture 5 RUMs from Reseller A, and 5 RUMs from Reseller 5, you will receive 10 generic reseller icons, plus 5 icons from Reseller A and 5 icons from Reseller B.
  • The "RUM"s have associated capture and deploy badges.

[Please Note - if you are outside of Australia, and you don't choose the "Trackable" shipping option - then the shipment is by non trackable Air Mail, and is at your risk. Geostuff will replace any RUMs that fail to arrive when an overseas customer has selected and paid for a trackable shipping method.]

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