Groundspeak Blue Switch Geocoin - Silver Version - LE


Groundspeak Blue Switch Geocoin - Silver Version - LE


Celebrate what made the great game of Geocaching possible, with the Limited Edition 15 Years of Geocaching Blue Switch Geocoin!

It was May 2nd 2000 when the "Blue Switch" was flipped by the United States government, allowing satellites to offer more accurate information to GPS units. This inspired the first hide which led to the last 15 years of this amazing game of discovery, exploration and adventure!

What eventually became known as the first ever geocache was placed the next day, and this commemorative coin was designed by our friend Avroair as a tribute to the plaque that now marks the Original Stash.

This limited edition "Flip the Switch" coin measures approximately 2 inches by 2 inches.  It has a unique code and is trackable at  The geocoin features the official Geocaching logo and the date of the flip on one side, and a tribute to 15 Years of Geocaching and 15 blue Swarovski gemstones on the other. 

This distinctive coin is sure to be a great addition to your collection, or send it across the world to celebrate 15 years of fun! 

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