Invisible Ink - UV marker pen

Invisible Ink - UV marker pen


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The ideal pen for hiding a message or some co-ordinates. Completely invisible writing - until you (or a victim) hits it with a UV light (which we just happen to have for you) and it glows bright blue. We have experimented with these on wood and paper, and they work really well.

Our supplier tells us that this is a "permanent" marker, we have no reason to disbelieve that, but have not been able to experiment with the pen in all exposure and time situations.


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4.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Cheryl from Western Australia on Jul 06, 2015
cute pen will have some fun with this
Richard from Hobart on Feb 02, 2015
Great product, good price. Looking forward to having some fun with it
Ryan00 from Launceston on May 28, 2014
Good uv pen at a good price.

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