Magnetic Slide Tin geocache container - tiny

Magnetic Slide Tin geocache container - tiny


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This tiny little geocache tin will fit almost anywhere! Only 5.1cm x 2.6cm (1″ x 2″), the lid slides on and snaps closed. 

Magnetic (strong rare earth magnets used), and a log in a waterproof plastic bag is included. 

Lid has a waterproof sticker attached in camo colour

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4.8 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
June from Miller on Jun 24, 2015
Love theses tins for hard to get at places
Trevor Smith from Camira Qld on Mar 23, 2015
Have used these before and been sweating on more stock coming in. Easy to hide strong magnet. Great stuff.
khanman47 from Albury on Mar 30, 2014
Perfect for a replacement to a recently muggled cache. Small and secure. Easy to camo.
Mike from Melbourne on Mar 01, 2014
Exactly what it says it will be. Has been the only container which hasn't been muggled on one of our caches.

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