[BARGAIN] - Magnetic Keyholder Geocache Container


[BARGAIN] - Magnetic Keyholder Geocache Container


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These are the classic magnetic keyholders that we know and love in lots of different urban caches. They measure 7.6cm long by 4.5cm wide and have space for a small log roll and perhaps a small pencil, and are made of strong plastic. On the back, they have a single long large magnets to attach them onto all sorts of metal things ! Text on front may be white or yellow.

These are a bit of a bargain - we suspect that they may be the cheapest available from a store in Australia. Just $3.95 each ! Please note that these are just the cache container, just as you would get them from your local hardware store - no log supplied, but it's very simple to create your own using a small slip of paper.

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4.3 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
Ethan from Melbourne on Jan 03, 2016
These magnets were a BARGAIN!! It's good that they're skinny so that you can stuck in between to pieces of metal.
Anita from Melbourne on Nov 15, 2015
These are a bargain. I bought multiple :)
Jack from Albany on May 18, 2015
Great thanks
Anita from Buderim on Aug 24, 2014
Put this out to replace a pre existing cache, so far it is holding up well in its little hidey hole.
Nice compact and reasonably flat so can slide into a small space easily.
Brad from Coffs Harbour on Jul 01, 2014
Good quality although not waterproof. Great product
Eliot from Melbourne on Nov 11, 2013
This will do nicely for a largely dry hide, but it's not very water-proof.
Gecko1968 from Canberra on Sep 10, 2013
We have purchased a number of these as backups for one of our hides which is in a high muggle area on a sign explaining historical significance of an area. 2 months in the cache is still in place and we have had no issues with water or muggles (touch wood). Container is slim which makes it easier to hide in small spaces.
Matt from Brisbane on Jan 16, 2013
Nice little container, although it does not look very waterproof. Would need to be used in a fairly dry cache location I would think!

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