Mini Ice Munzee -5 pack


Mini Ice Munzee -5 pack
  • Mini Ice Munzee -5 pack
  • Mini Ice Munzee -5 pack


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[Please note that the Mini Ice Munzee stickers are restricted to a cumulative total of 50 individual stickers per household per household per 30 day period. Please don't try and find a way to get around this restriction - as it wastes everyone's time and makes me grumpy. Please play nice.]

Ice Mystery Munzees are the newest members of the Mystery Munzee family. When captured, three greenies within a mile "freeze" for 2 hours or until capped. When these frozen munzees are captured, there is an 80% chance that you "thaw" the ice. If you do, you earn 50 points and the owner of the host greenie earns 10 points. There is, however, a 20% chance that you become frozen and cannot play for 1 minute. The owner of the host greenie still receives 10 points.

This purchase is for a block of 5 (Five) Ice Mystery Munzees. .


The stickers themselves are made with a vinyl covering to ensure weather-proofing.

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