Mini Mystery Munzee - 10 pack


Mini Mystery Munzee - 10 pack


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[Please note that the Mini Mystery Munzee stockers are restricted to a cumulative total of 50 individual stickers (5 x 10 pack) per houshould per household per 30 day period. Please don't try and find a way to get around this restriction - as it wastes everyone's time and makes me grumpy. Please play nice.]

Welcome the new and improved mini mystery sticker. Each sticker is a generic code to be used/shared by the purchaser. On deploy the owner receives 25 points. Each capture will yield 10 cap on points for the owner. While the player who captures will receive a mystery number of points from 5-50 in multiples of 5. The icon remains the same as the mystery. Only the points and the size of the sticker have changed. Mystery fields will include mini mystery stickers as well. 

The stickers themselves are made with a vinyl covering to ensure weather-proofing.

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5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Callum McCluskey from Melbourne on May 23, 2016
Fantastic range of great stock. Great instore and online customer service experience.
I was also stoked to be able to scan and earn the very rare Authorised Munzee "Reseller" Badge when visiting the Geostuff Store.
Many thanks Carl.
Keith Lewis from West Aussie on Dec 30, 2015
Genuine Munzee sticker, nice quick delivery.

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