Official Groundspeak Nano container - Dark Green


Official Groundspeak Nano container - Dark Green


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These are the Official Groundspeak Nano Cache containers. These ones are green (but are very dark and can easily be used in place for black). Perfect for your local urban Geocaching experience. A built in magnet makes it easy to hide these cache containers in various settings. Extra log included as well as a gasket to water proof the container.

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3.8 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Geoff Jamieson from Sandringham, Vic on May 25, 2015
Nasty little object, no need to fear any of these hidden by me. I bought it for a presentation to show the audience what some cachers are prepared to stoop to. Now that I have it, I'm wondering what to with it. Perhaps I'll crush it and make it a trackable, as an example of how these monstrosities can actually be used.
Must say however that Carl runs the best on-line store I've ever used. His email advising delivery was received while the van was still in the street.
Bit of a nagger about reviews however, but we love him anyway, despite him selling these pestiferous items.
Response from
May 25, 2015
Thanks Geoff. Please read all of Geoff's review, he gave the Nano a bad review due to his hatred of Nanos rather than as a refection on the quality of the product or Geostuff's service. If you ignore his one star rating, you'll see that this product has an average rating of well over 4, and is one of our most popular products.
Maureen brougham from South Australia on Dec 22, 2013
Great quality for the price arrived very quickly
Africard from Outback NT on Apr 10, 2013
Excellent value for $$$, great service. Thanks!
WyldMan92 from Victoria on Mar 20, 2013
Great Nano well worth the extra $1.50 than the generic branded Nano's. Stronger magnet, better seal, better paint and nicer Log Books.
Response from
May 25, 2015
Thanks for the review WyldMan92. I totally agree with you. Spending a couple of extra $$$ on the "Offical" nano is money well spend. Over all they are much better quality, size, better lot etc. Carl

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