[Pre-order] The Parkville Event 2018 Official Polo Shirt - Ladies Sizes


[Pre-order] The Parkville Event 2018 Official Polo Shirt - Ladies Sizes


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Please note that these item are on pre-order. This means that they will be manufactured when a large number of them have been sold (to keep the cost right down). They **won't** be available before xmas 2017 !

Geostuff.com.au is proud to be a Sponsor of Parkville Event 2018, and has rights to produce all of the Official Clothing for the event.

These are the Official Event Polo Shirts in Ladies sizes. There are, of course, exclusive to Geostuff.com.au. Made from high quality polo shirts by "Aussie Pacific" and properly embroidered in Melbourne Australia.


For an optional $8.50 Geostuff will embroider your shirt with up to 2 lines of custom text (see product image) You can specify your own existing tracking code, and that will be shown on the second line of text. Alternatively, for another optional $4.50 Geostuff will use the 2nd line of your custom embroidery package to show a new custom trackable number. Your new trackable number will begin with "OZ".

Delivery Charges or Pickup

As Geostuff makes these shirts are very very low margin, we cannot afford to ship them under our usual "Free Shipping for orders over $85 in Australia" offer. So if you are in Australia, and want to have your shirts delivered to you by mail, please select the appropriate paid shipping method, and pay for shipping during the checkout process. If you don't, we will need to invoice you for shipping separately.

Alternatively you can specify to "Pickup at Geostuff" or "Pickup at the Parkville Event 2018" at no charge.


In terms of sizing we've experimented and found that the women's sizing is fairly standard Australian sizing, and the men's sizing is a little on the small side. Or at least the men's sizing is a slimish fit. For instance, I often take a large XL or a prettysm 2XL shirt.. But in these shirts I'm a 2XL.

These are the same manufacturer and model of shirts supplied for OZ Mega 2014, Melbourne Event 2015, Surf Coast Event 2016 and Red Centre Experience 2017.

For more information on the measurements - take a look at this chart. And for information on how to measure yourself - take a look at this chart.

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