[Pre-order] WWFM 14 Official Geocoin


[Pre-order] WWFM 14 Official Geocoin


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[Note that this item is pre-order only, we expect stock to reach us by about 12th May]

Official WWFM 14 Event Geocoin

On June 10, 2016, the 14th WWFM will take place all around the globe - and this very special WWFM XIV Geocoin was created to commemorate this worldwide geocaching event. Perfect for event giveaways, volunteer thank-you's, to send traveling the globe or to keep as a special memento. Get yours today; they'll be gone in a Flash!!!

The front side showcases a tetradecagon knotwork star with each point representing all 14 years of WWFM events. The star is made in bright translucent, opaque, and glow in the dark hard enamel colors. On the back is the traditional WWFM design with a globe surrounded by laurel leaves, a special “Latin” message on a scroll, and the iconic PodCacher headphones and arrow logo.

The concept of the Geocaching World Wide Flash Mob, created by Sonny and Sandy of PodCacher (podcacher.com), is simple: thousands of geocachers all over the globe briefly gather for an event, all on the same day. At a precise time, they come together, have a group "meal" (often it's chocolate kisses), take a group photo, do something fun or silly and then disperse, vanishing with the wind.

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