Second-to-Find Micro Award Travel Tag

Second-to-Find Micro Award Travel Tag


A small size 2TF (Second-to-Find) geocoin/tag designed to fit in 35mm film containers, magnetic key holders, match cases, and any other similar sized micro geocache containers. The perfect gift to award first-to-find geocachers. Measures 42mm long and 17mm wide Soft enamel colors Aluminum base metal to survive the weather 3.5" long chain is included Trackable on Has an Icon that shows on your profile when you log a discovery.  

if you are thinking about awarding a 2nd to find prize, you'll need a first to find one as well right ? 

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3.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Darzee Di from Canberra on Mar 10, 2015
For my sister ynnbub as we both went out to try and get a ftf for her and we had 2 to choose from, and when we got there the olog book was already signed and we were just 25 mins late so we went off to the other one and yep already signed. So I really wanted her to get a prize for giving it a go, this is perfect :)
Mike from Piopio NZ on Mar 09, 2014
Just using it as a self gift for being too slow to get FTF. Rectangular shape makes it stand out. Looks good on my display top.
bundybirder from Bundaberg on Jun 27, 2013

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