Signal's Labyrinth Travel Tag Six - The Dragon's Lair


Signal's Labyrinth Travel Tag Six - The Dragon's Lair


Can you help Signal the Frog® and his trusty dog Tracker navigate the labyrinth?

With a lantern to light his way, Signal escaped the labyrinth in the castle and now one final challenge lies between him and returning home to Geocaching HQ—and it’s the biggest one yet. To get back home, Signal must navigate through a labyrinth in the lair of a hungry, fire-breathing dragon. Will Signal be able to get out without a run-in with the dragon?

Help solve the puzzle and navigate the maze by collecting all six of the official Signal's Labyrinth trackable tags!

To learn more about Signal's Labyrinth and start your own adventure, you can click here. 

The Signal's Labyrinth Trackable Tag- The Dragon's Lair is trackable at with a unique icon. 

This travel tag is the sixth in a six part series. There has been one geocoin and travel tag introduced for each section of Signal's Labyrinth. 

Dimensions: Approximately 50mm x 29.21 at widest points. 

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