Mars Rover Perseverance Marble Trackable


Mars Rover Perseverance Marble Trackable


Grab your spacesuits, geocachers, because the first-ever interplanetary trackable is out there! 

Yes, it is true, the Mars Mission Perseverance Rover is trackable, and you can log it! 

To celebrate such an out-of-this-world sort of geocaching event, we have the Mars Rover Perseverance Trackable Marble! 

From our friends at Shasta Visions come these Mars one inch marbles that are kiln-fired at over 1000 degrees to make an amazing piece of trackable art!  Each marble comes with an engraved tracking code and they are handmade in the USA of recycled glass.

The Trackable Mars Rover Perseverance Marble is trackable at with a unique icon.  It features the Mars 2020 Perseverance logo, the official Geocaching logo, and an engraved tracking number. It is approximately 25mm in diameter. 

Please note: Each purchase is for one trackable marble. 


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