Signal the Frog® Trackable Nickel Earrings - Small


Signal the Frog® Trackable Nickel Earrings - Small


Looking for a fun way to go from single to Signal? Well, we have the gift for you! Ears are perking up throughout the geocaching world for these cute little accessories.

These Signal the Frog® earrings are designed by our friends at GX Proxy and are available for a limited time. The earrings are trackable at (there is a single tracking code engraved on both Signals) so that you can send them traveling or have a fun way to get your ears discovered at all of your favorite events!

Earrings have a metal hook design. Signal pendant is approximately .75 inch, and total length including hook is approximately 1.75 inches.

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5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Nicole from Brisbane on Oct 19, 2015
Absolutely LOVE my Signal Earrings and cannot wait to wear them to my next event. Very impressed with the quality of the metals used. They look great (and my geo-daughter who can't wear anything other than pure gold or silver is very jealous!)!

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