Travel Tag Honouring EMTs & Paramedics

Travel Tag Honouring EMTs & Paramedics


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Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics are always on the ready to save lives. These highly trained people serve a vital need to the public. Without them, medical care could take too long to reach when trying to locate a hospital. Every minute of wait could mean the difference between life and death. With one phone call EMTs and Paramedics are there to help in your home, at your work, at your car, at an event, or on the way to the hospital. Show your support by purchasing one of these geotags!

  • Measures 28mm square -- small enough to fit in a film canister-sized cache.
  • Enamel colors
  • 3.5" long ball chain included
  • Trackable on
  • An icon specific to this coin will show on your profile when you log a find.

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