Waterproof Cache logbooks


Waterproof Cache logbooks


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Made from special paper - they resist water, grease etc, and a very difficult to damage or tear. Material does not deteriorate even after prolonged water immersion. No need for a little plastic baggy to try and keep things dry ! 

With room enough for 55+ log entries, they are sure to last a while !

Designed and manufactured in Australia !

4 different types:

  • Nano - For nano or similar tiny cache containers - about 5mm wide
  • Micro - for the small stuff - about 1.9cm wide
  • Large - For larger tubes etc - about 3cm wide
  • Double - roughly double the size of the "Large" - about 6cm wide


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4 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
one-eyed from Melbourne on Jan 17, 2016
The quality of product ordered was of the highest standard, and when coupled with the speed of delivery again was most pleasing.
Helen Koralewski from Dalyston on May 15, 2015
Great little log, will put into suitable containers when necessary.
john from Gawler on Mar 10, 2015
Had to buy these due to others out of stock, little to small for what I wanted but good for another cache all the same.
Wayne from Perth on Feb 10, 2015
Unimpressed with the item - received Nano when I was expecting Micro though probably my fault when ordering.
bev brown from perth wa on Oct 10, 2014
Highly recommend the waterproof logs. We have a few caches that are placed underwater and we dont have to worry if people dont seal the containers properly as you can still write on the log sheets when wet...
Karen from Melbourne on Jul 27, 2014
A must have for every cache. This time of year with it being so wet, so many logs are damaged beyond reading. The waterproof logs mean that all entries remain for posterity :)
Dana- zargfinders from Sydney on Mar 23, 2013
Okay, so these log books are really great and super waterproof and stuff like that. When I first got it I ran it under water from some time, kept it in a bucket etc. and it was fine. Had them in a couple of my caches, and all good. Then I tried putting one in my underwater cache. After about 2 weeks, the outside coating where people write their names and where the geostuff logo is (the plasticy waterproof layer) was peeling off! The log wasn't wet at all, it was perfectly dry, but for some reason it was peeling off. In my other underwater cache, the logbook had been fine, but that logbook was in a bison tube in a bigger container and this one was only in a bison.
So I'd give these about a 3.5 rating (though there isn't that option so I did 4) because although they're mostly super good, in one of my underwater caches they became really horrible.
PS- my solution to that cache was putting rite in the rain paper in instead - let's hope because that's less plasticy it will survive!
SatayChicken from Brisbane on Feb 19, 2013
These are brilliant! Nice and durable. The ink really doesn't come off! Perfect for QLD weather :-)

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