WWFM XI 7th June 2014 - Official Geocoin


WWFM XI 7th June 2014 - Official Geocoin


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On June 7, 2014, the 11th WWFM will happen all around the globe. This year's coin is dedicated to worldwide geocaching in all forms. This colorful geocoin incorporates the sun’s rays so that you may shine your coin-bling brighter than the sun at your events. It sports eleven circular colors, as well as glow-in-the-dark lightning bolts and five Swarovski crystal gemstones.

WWFM – World Wide Flash Mobs – A fun and friendly way to promote geocaching around the world. Thousands of geocachers at dozens of coordinated events spanning the globe, gathering at the same time.

Sonny and Sandy of the PodCacher podcast came up with the WWFM idea in 2007 after attending a mega-event. It was meant to be a fun “opposite” of a mega-event: all the cool aspects of a geocaching event, crammed into 15 minutes of excitement. An added dimension is represented by the letters "WW" - World Wide - these events occur across the planet on the same day at (mostly) the same time! These caching events are intended to bring geocachers together in a creative way, as well as introduce others (newbies) to the hobby.

This link will take you the official WWFM site to read more about Flash Mob geocaching events.

  • Coin measures 1.75" diameter
  • Solid, translucent, and glowing hard enamel colors
  • Swarovski gemstones
  • Trackable at geocaching.com
  • Has an unique icon that will show on your profile when you log a discover

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5 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
Wayne from Ballarat, Vic on Jul 12, 2014
By far one of my favorite geocoins, already looking forward to next years event to get another.
ebolaebola from Brisbane on Jun 15, 2014
I attended my first WWFM event this year and purchased this coin to commemorate it. It's beautiful! Can't wait to grow my WWFM collection in the coming years!
Tania from Victoria on May 29, 2014
Lovely coin.
Belinda from Auckland, NZ on May 11, 2014
Great detail, wish we could attend one of the events
Wendy Taylor from Quipolly on Apr 21, 2014
Thanks Carl another great geocoin for my collection.
Ben from Ballarat on Mar 28, 2014
The WWFM geocoins are always amazing. This one certainly keeps the series going beautifuly and is a great addition to our collection. If you are attending one of the events you should think of getting this coin!

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