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Free Groundspeak Ammo Can Travel Tag special offer 2016 !

Receive a free special Groundspeak Ammo Can Travel Tag with every $Aus 20 spent on Geocaching items at Geostuff.com.au. 1 x Groundspeak Ammo Can Travel Tag for every $Aus 25 spent on Geocaching items. Spend $50, and get 2. Spend...

Fire Mystery Munzees Available at 15:01 today !

The new "Fire Mystery" Munzees will be available at 15:01 today Melbourne time.  They will be available here at the $AUD equivalent of $USD19.95 for a 10 pack. (Note that they aren't visible until 15:01)  

Geostuff exclusive Reseller Munzee Stickers - available now !

The Reseller Unique Munzees are a new kind of physical Munzee sticker. There are 7 different versions to collect, and each is only available from each of the corresponding Official Munzee Resellers around the world.  This is the Geostuff one...

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