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Cache Container

If you want to hide a cache – you’ve gotta have a container! That’s where this stuff comes in. From tiny Nanos, to other sneaky camouflaged containers, to the classic plastic tubs. It’s all here.

  • Magnetic Fake Gauge Geocache containers

    These are cool magnetic containers for the right location. Imagine these on a boiler, or drain pipe, or machinery etc..... nice !  Container is approx. 17.5mm tall and 38mm around,  Made of super-strong plastic, Gauge...


    1 review
  • Pine Cone Geocache Container

    This is an official container supplied by Groundspeak. Made from painted hard plaster, it won't rot or degrade in the harshest of Audsie conditions. Build as a "half", it is easy to conceal in leaf...


    1 review