Cosmic Quest

Hello, earthlings! We have come across a reference to “” on a metal creature roving the planet Mars. It seems this ‘geocaching’ is an activity meant to further exploration and community. We would like to better understand this interesting human activity and we are traveling to Earth to learn more. We only hope we’ll have enough fuel in our spaceship to keep exploring!

We’re excited to take this opportunity to further intergalactic friendship! Our friends from outer space are here and having a blast geocaching, but now they need our help. Their spaceship is running out of fuel, which they need in order to continue exploring other planets and galaxies. Luckily for us, we’re able to help them by doing what we do best: geocaching! The fuel their spaceship runs on is positive energy and what better way is there to build positive energy than getting together with friends and finding geocaches?

Join us on a Cosmic Quest from July 22 through September 1 as we help our friends fuel their spaceship. During Cosmic Quest, different geocaching activities will generate different amounts of fuel. If we reach 15 million units of fuel, the spaceship will be all set to launch our friends to their next cosmic destination.