Gift Voucher Instructions and Terms and Conditions

How to redeem your Gift Voucher:

1. Shop on the website, adding your desired items into the shopping cart.

2. In the check-out process, on the shipping and payments page, enter the Gift Voucher code as shown on the front of the paper gift voucher or in the electronically delivered gift voucher. Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions:

1. Gift Vouchers should be spent within 12 months from the date of purchase or the "expiry" date shown on the paper or electronic voucher, whichever is sooner. But generally the Gift Voucher will show a specific expiry date.

2. Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed through the website.

3. Gift Vouchers are not redeemable for cash or any other payment and are not refundable.  

4. gift cards are issued on the face value as purchased *after* discounts. So, if a gift card is purchased for $90 (after discount) then it will be issued for $90.

5. takes no responsibility for lost or stolen Gift Vouchers, but will replace any paper vouchers that become lost in the mail. The lost voucher will be voided and cannot be used.

6, Gift vouchers cannot be used for postage and shipping costs associated with an order - only the goods themselves. 

7. Each Gift Voucher may only be used once in one transaction. Only one Gift Voucher may be used per transaction. will issue partial credits for partially used Gift Vouchers. Please email for more information. 

8. reserves the right to cancel any Gift Voucher or Voucher Code which we reasonably believe to be lost, stolen or fraudulently obtained.