What they are saying about Geostuff.com.au...

Our customers provide us with feedback on their experience with  Geostuff.com.au. Below is a selection of the verifiable genuine feedback we've received from them. As you can see - we have many many many satisfied customers. And some pissed-off ones too. Below is a broad selection of the more interesting ones:

June 2015 (Trackable log): "I ordered a 15 Years of Geocaching Geocoin and a WWFM Flash Mob XII (2015) Geocoin from www.geostuff,com.au  My order arrived with a Iamapom's Geostuff.com.au "Track My Card" Business Card inside. My order took only 4 days to arrive, was packed with plenty of protection and an easy to read invoice. www.geostuff.com.au is the best place to buy all your Geocaching needs and wants. Their prices are very cheap and I will be placing another order with them very soon. Thanks Carl Jones aka "Iamapom" for looking after me."

June 2015 (By email): "Once again great service. Very happy with my containers and a great price. The only thing left to do is make postage free! hahahahah"

June 2015 (By email): "Big box was well worth it this month, very impressed"

June 2015 (By email): "love the tracking of my order...even let me know when it had been delivered. THANKS"

June 2015 (By email): "Postage was the cheapest we could find. And products arrived very fast."

May 2015 (By email): "Seemed to be a lot of stuff out of stock, especially in the caching containers category so I couldn't buy what I wanted but I'm happy with what I've got for now. Maybe now that I've subscribed to the newsletter I'll know when there's new stock."

May 2015 (by email): " have shopped once or twice with geocoin shops in Europe, and they are pretty slow at delivery, even accounting for the extra distance. My coins from Geostuff usually get here in about 4-5 days, which is awesome."

May 2015 (by email): "I bought the How to Puzzle Cache book. I was expecting a small amateur publication and how wrong I was. The book is huge, brilliantly laid out and very well written. This is a MUST for anyone who likes puzzle caches."

May 2015 (by email): "I ordered a geocaching dog decal for my car and a cat was delivered instead of a dog. It's not a huge problem because I do have a cat (But he doesn't come geocaching with me like my dog does), and I can order a dog next time I make an order, but it was still a mistake"

May 2105 (by email): "This was our first geocaching purchase, so have no comparisons. It would have to be pretty amazing to be better than our Geostuff experience."

May 2015 (by email): "So happy with the speed, ease and products ordered. will use again. looking forward to visiting geostuff outlet when next in Melbourne on a Sat morn."

May 2015 (by email): "I have shopped once or twice with geocoin shops in Europe, and they are pretty slow at delivery, even accounting for the extra distance. My coins from Geostuff usually get here in about 4-5 days, which is awesome."

October 2014 (Munzee Australia Facebook Page):

September 2014 (Geocaching Melbourne Facebook Page): "First time to the shop today, must say, great set up Carl, next time im down ill make sure to bring some goodies to swap out!!"

July 2014 (email) "We had trouble when we first went to place order and we had to reset our account. Otherwise an easy website to navigate and order from. Delivery was very prompt and all items arrived well packaged."

July 2014 (email) "Great service all round - thank you."

July 2014 (via email) "We have only positive feed back, great value and very quick dispatch. (I never thought I would be buying bison tubes but I dropped one at a cache and need to replace it.) Many thanks for the great service."

July 2014 (via email) "All good at present"

July 2014 (via email) "Love that you now stock munzee supplies! Have brought 3 lots recently and each time they have been sent promptly and well packaged. A fantastic service. Cheers"

July 2014 (via email) "Would have bought more items, but a number of the things I clicked on were listed as out of stock. I did take advantage of the free postage weekend which made it even better value for money."

June 2014 (via email) "Very fast delivery. Great service. Thanks"

June 2014 (via email) [A day before we launched the new site...] Although I really like the site.... I think it could do with a little makeover.  Maybe make use of shorter / nested menus of items.... And a gallery layout of items rather than the long list that has to be scrolled through...

June 2014 (via email) "All received and well packaged for transport. Exactly as I ordered and deployed to start their journeys/prepared for placement
Bisons were good value for money and the pick of the bunch TFTC stuff"

March 2014 (Facebook post) "Geostuff.com.au they are awesome with quick delivery. I have bought a bit off them and they never disappoint."

Feb 2014 (via email) "I really liked the speed of delivery. Was a bit pricey though"

Feb 2014 (via email) "Service was excellent, price very reasonable - I can sincerely recommend Geostuff for quick and reliable shopping for all geocaching lovers."

Feb 2014 (via email) "If you don’t acknowledge receipt of your client’s email they tend to think that you don’t give a damn about them."

Feb 2014 (via email) "More gadgets please ... Especially these Laser Loci devices. Thanks SO much for going the extra mile regarding my tattoo TB code too."

Jan 2014 (via Facebook) "Awesome. Always ship so fast! Have ordered many times and never been let down!"

Dec 2013 (via email) "Excellent, and Thank You ..."

Dec 2013 (via Facebook) "Have used many times and goods dispatched in full and QUICK. even posting orders on a Sunday evening. Well done Carl."

Dec 2013 (via email) "Thank you for the pathtag you sent us with our order. I have logged it already."

Nov 2013 (via email) "sadly - one of the items you sent, a micro reflector cache container was smashed before I received it. When I opened the parcel the reflector looked like it had been crushed. I will try include a photo here, or send separately. I was really looking forward to getting this as I would like to purchase a few more if they work OK. So far the track record doesn't look good. :(. Maybe these with breakable glass/plastic should be separately wrapped in future. Just a small bit of buubble wrap can always help. :)
Other than those 2 things I am very happy with your Co. ans will shop with you again."

Nov 2013 (via email) "My order was delivered very promptly to me in New Zealand. Thanks."

Oct 2013 (via email) "Fantastic as always."

Oct 2013 (via email) "Wish I remembered to use my discount code :-( You guys are awesome, helpful. great range. Thankyou"

Oct 2013 (via email) "I got a defective magnetic letters cache, it was cracked due to poor packing.."

Oct 2013 (via email) "Would like you to have a back order listing. I do not mind paying in advance and waiting for the product."

[for some reason we got no feedback at all from June 2013 to Oct 2013 - the email asking for feedback may have been broken]

Jun 2013 (via email) "Love the FTF tags and can't wait to set my first caches and release my TB;s out into the world. Great prompt delivery, I;m hooked. Thanks Carl"

June 2013 (via email) "Always quick service,"

May 2013 (via email) "This is the first time I have bought anything for Geocaching, thanks...."

March 2013 (via email) - "Great site easy to use, fast delivery, all good."

March 2013 (via Facebook) - "Received my order today and thanks for the free stuff! Always quick delivery times it's great!"

February 2013 (via email) - "I always know when I shop with you that I will be looked after with no fuss - unlike some other online shops ! and even sometimes free postage ( which I think - how do you make your costs )- but the simple fact that you ask for feedback - is a sign of service that you aim to please !  Only reputable sellers will ask for this feedback !  Thanks"

February 2013 (via email) - "I am only a 'newbie' to geocaching and this was my first purchase of the bits that will add to the experience. I will be back!!"

February 2013 (via email) - "Service is always great, and your order always arrives within a few days."

February 2013 (via email) - "The products are great, but the website is a little messy to navigate."

February 2013 (via email) - "Always good communication and quick delivery!"

February 2013 (via email) - "Thanks for the prompt service. I placed my order on a Sunday evening and had a reply about a gift certificate the same day. Excellent customer service. I have told my geocaching friends to use you when they need to buy something."

February 2013 (via email) - "We have ordered a number of times from Geostuff and have always had good service and fast delivery. Thanks."

February 2013 (via email) - "I love the variety of different Travel bugs, coins and Geocache containers you have available.
Purchases have been very easy and delivery has been fast and professional. I've already been back to buy more and guaranteed I will again in the future :)"

January 2013 (via email) - "Great service,thankyou"

January 2013 (via Facebook) - "Got the parcel today. thank you for the goodies, quick postage as well, so good work"

January 2013 (via Facebook) - "Got my parcels today! Sooo exciting, all arrived safely. Thanks for great service and the Pathtag freebie."

January 2013 (via Facebook) - "Thanks for the recent pack of goodies! Quick postage was appreciated... the nano was even smaller than I imagined. It'll be diabolical for finders ;)"

January 2013 (via Facebook) - "Yay, My latest order had a free Pathtag: Thanks Geostuff!"

December 2012 (via Facebook) - "Thanks so much for being a great supplier!!! Love our new trackable. Merry Christmas!"

November 2012 (via Facebook) - "Thanks for so promptly filling my order!! All arrived today!! Many thanks... "

November 2012 (via Facebook) - "Hi guys. Parcel arrived today and it was like Christmas opening it up and seeing all the goodies:). Can't wait to go out and activate some more hides in the local area:)."


October 2012 (via Facebook) - "Thanks Geostuff for great service. Ordered last Tuesday night (NZ time) and package arrived today (Monday). Will definitely buy from you again! Cheers!"

September 2012 (via Facebook) - "Great service. Ordered products on Wednesday night and received them Friday lunchtime."

August 2012 (via Facebook) - "Yep! Loved getting my little parcel with lots of colourful stamps. Nice and quick. Cheapest way for me to get TBs."

August 2012 (via Facebook) - "Just got my order today, in 2 days interstate....."

August 2012 (via Facebook) - "Received our order today...awesome & thanks for the bonus pathtags."

August 2012 (via email) - "I was impressed how prompt you were and the acknowledgement of order. I will deal with you again. thanks"

August 2012 (via email) - "This is the first time I have purchased from your website and I couldn't be more happier. Excellent service and delivery with the products arriving well packaged and quickly. I will happily recommend your company to others and will purchase again. Thanks."

August 2012 (via email) - "you are doing a GREAT job! Thanks!!!"

July 2012 (via email) - "What can I say!!!! Your delivery was so quick it took us by surprise..... everything was as we ordered and certainly will be ordering again. We met you at the Oz Mega, spent money and were pleased with what we purchased then. It was good to see the stock you carry which is huge. Thanks again for your quick delivery and service."

July 2012 (via email) - "Thank you for pathtags am going to put in caches I have placed. Your service was very prompt."


July 2012 (via email) - "Not a single complaint from me, This is my main Geocache online store and delivery is super quick, Top marks."

July 2012 (via Facebook) - "I love geostuff. I got my package today and will now have to get my butt into gear to get my 4 (yes 4!!!) caches up and going. Thanks a ton :-)"

July 2012 (via email) - "I'm always after new hides ideas."

July 2012 (via email) - "Thanks for the prompt delivery"

July 2012 (via email) - "Superfast delivery - very happy will recommend to fellow cachers!!"

July 2012 (via email) - "Extremely quick delivery. Great company to deal with."

July 2012 (via email) - "Extremely fast postage and such fun products. Pleasure doing business with you :)"

July 2012 (via Facebook) - "I love shopping on line at Geostuff.com.au, its like letting a kid loose in a candy store sometimes ..."

July 2012 (via email) - "Thanx so much for the prompt service you guys do a fantastic job."

June 2012 (via email) - "Thanks for the Mighty Mega bison caches! I'll try to hide them well to give pleasure to geocachers here in France!"

June 2012 (via Facebook) - "..ordered our trackables and recieved them very quickly, we are pleased with the swift postage..."

June 2012 (via email) - "Delighted with my puchase, delivery was very quick, communication excellent, and well pleased with item bought. Thanks Geostuff!"

June 2012 (via email) - "Great service Carl"

June 2012 (via email) - "I love the mega bison tubes but I'm wondering if there is one that is slightly bigger available somewhere?"

June 2012 (via email) - " ...it's *possible* to get this stuff cheaper elsewhere ... I don't see why you'd bother, though. :)"

June 2012 (via email) - "Very happy with the service and products. Thanks"

June 2012 (via email) - "great products great service wanna order some more!!!"

June 2012 (via Facebook) - "Thankyou for getting our latest order to us so quickly and a huge thanks for the pathtags, they are great!! Appreciated specially since payment for our order was a little delayed, you are the best Geostuff!! "

May 2012 (via Facebook) - "Hey Geostuff - Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service with my goods last week. All arrived safe and sound and so fast. Many thanks ... I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future. Great work..."

May 2012 (via Facebook) - "I got my little package today, awesome thank you."

May 2012 (via Email) - "Goods arrived promptly and safely although the envelope had been cut I think by the plastic surround on the Inspection Mirror. Quality of goods excellent."

May 2012 (via Facebook) - "Received my pack today and I'm loving these evil little micro's, Cheers :)" 

May 2012 (via Email) - "Very quick postage - I was very surprised. Was originnaly going o buy from the S, so was surprised when I used google that I found Geostuff. Nice o have a local(ish) supplier."

May 2012 (via Email) - "Absolutely awesome shopping experience and supurb delivery times. We will be shopping here for all our caching supplies from now on."

April 2012 (via Facebook) - "Cheers for the gear crew and..... loved the tag on the parcel!"

April 2012 (via Facebook) - "Great store. Luv it" 

February 2012 (via Facebook) - "First purchase from Geostuff. Very quick service and postage"

February 2012 (via Facebook) - "Thanks to the team at Geostuff.com.au Made my first purchase last night and I'm incredibly satisfied with the service and how easy it was. The item's have been mailed out straight away and I was even sent a text message to let me know of this! :D It's a step up from some of those shonky Ebay user's that's for sure! Thank's Geostuff.com.au, I'll definitely be using you again in the future :)"