In memory of Purpledreamer

In memory of Frances Clarke "Fran", aka Purpledreamer, who passed away on Sept 10th 2012 aged 36. 

Carl (iamapom) from, Cerena (tigersden) from and and Kevin (kevs_team) from, have put our heads together to come up with a way that everyone can honour her memory AND give a little something to one of her favourite charities...the "Australian Conservation Foundation".

In return for your donation, we will send you either a Pathtag or a Trackable tag, or both.

The Pathtag is being made through and the Trackable Tag is being made by

The pathtag will be designed by CORUZE and produced by Cern via The Pathtag Portal. The trackable tag designed by Carl of and produced at cost by Kevin of

Fran did not just have one particular purple flower that was her favourite, they were ALL her favourite. So we chose the PURPLE IRIS, as it means (as far as we know) "Your Friendship Means So Much To Me".

ALL profits will be sent to the "Australian Conservation Foundation".

    Purpledreamer. Caching on a sunny day.
We will keep a running total here on this website of how much has been donated. If you are NOT a geocacher, you can still use this form to make your donation. Just use the DONATION option.

Both the tags and the pathtags will take a little while to manufacture, but we will ship them as soon as they are available.


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