Logstrip Official Micro x pack of 5


Logstrip Official Micro x pack of 5


The perfect replacement strips for maintaining your micro cache. Ideal for those mint containers (mmmm minty) or 35mm film canisters. Made with Official Rite in the Rain paper, these log strips are designed to hold up to the elements.  Each sheet measures approx 2cm x 24cm and includes numbered spaces for up to 45 entries. Five log sheets are included.

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4.7 out of 5, based on 9 reviews
Barry from VIC on Nov 20, 2019
Very happy with this product, will save me heaps of trips back to GZ to replace wet logs.
Erasmus Morgan from Brisbane on Jun 30, 2015
Great little log sheets. They're a little hard to roll tight enough to fit in a Bison tube, but that's easy fixed if you use a hair pin (I nicked one from my wife).
steelfinger from Gold Coast on Apr 03, 2015
Nice tough paper logs.
Des Fuller from SA on Apr 17, 2014
All ready in use , have had before , Good.
Kerry from Queensland on Jan 22, 2014
Great and strong!
Little Squirell from Echuca on Jun 24, 2013
Always a good product and ours are used where they get wet.
lalest from Western Australia on Jun 24, 2013
Great to roll up in a bison or keep flat for a mint tin. No soggy paper here! Doesn't disintegrate either.
geo_jas from Melbourne on Dec 19, 2012
Great little logs perfect for rolling and putting in a bison tube. I've used 6 of these for the GCA bingo movable race this year and the best thing is that even if they get wet, they'll hold together perfectly. No soggy wad of paper in the container.
GJMMelb from Melbourne on Dec 06, 2012
These "logbooks" ( a strip of paper which can be rolled to fit into the lid of a bison tube) are perfect for Micro Logs and we have deployed 9 of these last week attached to our "Transport Moveable Caches" for the Geocaching Australia Bingo Game which runs Dec/Jan.

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